Rooftop Ridicule

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Rooftop Ridicule is a Band

Member Background:
Rooftop Ridicule is an elite team of survivors from serious gigging performance groups from across the country. Each of them united after coming to Las Vegas seeking opportunities to do original music in a big city, hoping to find others with equal dedication and vision. Each of them arrived steeped with the knowledge of the grandfathers of rock from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Yes, Pink Floyd, and The Who, to more modern classics such as Pearl Jam, At the Drive-in, Radiohead, Tool, Don Caballero, Primus, Pinback, Lamb of God, and REM.

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Each member of the Band is a multi-instrumental song development professional.


A tradition of Innovation founded on a personal Commitment to Excellence.


the most excellent way to contact us is through facebook,

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Rooftop Ridicule &
Frankenstein's Calculator Club

Thanks to The Horizontal Way &
Bad Onion

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