Rooftop Ridicule

I hope when we find your kite the hot dogs are still attached.



Rooftop Ridicule is a Band

A brief explanation:
Rooftop Ridicule is a rad joke going around that you are in on. The idea behind it as a band is to do something actually weird and new and different but cozy and likable and classically rocking in a solid legit way. It's an impossible balance, but we sincerely try, and that heart is part of what has made our live performances legendary. We make our instruments look fun to play. We entertain at all costs. We don't care if we missed a couple notes of a song because one of us fell off of something we weren't supposed to be playing bass on. We play through injuries because the manner of our playing causes injuries. We will play the heaviest song you've ever heard without distortion. We go there.

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Each member of the Band is a multi-instrumental song development professional.


A tradition of Innovation founded on a personal Commitment to Excellence.


the most excellent way to contact us is through facebook,

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Rooftop Ridicule &
Frankenstein's Calculator Club

Thanks to The Horizontal Way &
Bad Onion

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